Made in China Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps

Made in China Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps


It is important to note that the FRUIT is just like what is sold in grocery stores throughout the United States. I''m a fan of Brothers-All-Natural and let''s be fair, their fruit comes from all over the world (just like all of their competitors as well). Their fruit (per the bags and their website) includes the US, Equador, Chile, and China. However, to freeze-dry the mass quantities of fruit that they require to fulfill the demand for Fruit Crisps, they turned to a facility in China for the freeze-drying process.

Out of all the freeze-dried fruit on the market about 75% of it is freeze-dried in China, as no where else can handle the necessary level of production throughput. This might change in the coming years as freeze-drying is becoming more and more common, but as of 2012 this is still the way it is.

As for the Brothers-All-Natural brand, they adhere to more "production standards" and certifications than any other major brand of freeze-dried fruit. See their webpage regarding this issue here:

I am only posting this counter-argument to make the argument that a blanket statement such as "made in China" does not mean what is being insinuated that this means. Fruit Crisps are completely safe, 100% healthy. Even leading health experts have endorsed their products - see here:

I am anxious to ensure people know that these Fruit Crisps are safe and nutritious. They test more than any of their competitors to ensure a safe and healthy product.

Saturday, April 28th 2012 at 10:54am


Thank you for responding to my comment. Though I am not sure I agree with your insinuation that Brothers-All-Natural is not acting above board on their packaging. To support my statement please realize that they give the same amount of space on their bags to list the countries of origin (or the manufacturing facility''s location) as they do to list their "food safety" certifications. I think they''re more concerned with Branding, which makes sense for a mass marketed "convenience snack" that is healthy.

If the Brothers were being sneaky in some manner, it would make more sense to make their "food safety" certifications much larger (speaking of the font size) while the origin of the fruit much smaller. However, they do not do this - rather they make both the same size to leave more room for the bag''s marketing aspects. (Even responsible companies are "in business" to turn a profit, that is why they exist.)

I''m glad you''re interested in health and wellness, as well as protective of what you feed your family. Sharing recipes to show how to make Fruit Snacks in your own home is great. Looking forward to reading those.

But to be intellectually honest, much of the fruit people consume in the US comes from abroad. For instance, your "Original Fast Food" posting about Bananas. (I love that concept - kudos. We LOVE Bananas in our house - husband, wife, and 2 teenagers.)

It is important to note that Bananas are Not grown in the US, all of these bananas in our grocery stores (whether organic or not organic) are all coming via fossil fuels to the US. It may be unfortunate in some ways, but thank goodness we can have Bananas!

Sunday, April 29th 2012 at 7:12am


What a great idea, April! The positive advertising of switching to a fruit grown in the USA will likely make up for much of the cost. I can see this making a fantastic news story that will reach people, like me, who have never heard of this product before.

I am guessing I don''t even need to get into the human rights arguments here...

Sunday, April 29th 2012 at 5:44pm


Brothers Fruit Crisps are Made in China? Who knew? These could be made here in the USA! I am looking for food that is healthy and safe for my grandchildren.

Sunday, April 29th 2012 at 7:50pm

Seth Cochran

I''m shocked that these are made in China. Its dried fruit - other than harvesting, which cannot be a huge component of cost, there is virtually no cost of labor here. All I can think is that the pricing on apples in China must be highly subsidized by the government to the point that it makes economic sense to do this otherwise irrational offshoring. Or maybe the freeze drying process in china allows a lot more loose chemical processes that do little for the environment or our health. Not really in line with the Brothers brand proposition, right? I have extensive experience in costing and multinational sourcing. Brothers, please let me help show you how it makes greater economic sense to serve Americans with an American fruit product.

Monday, April 30th 2012 at 12:12am


Just wanted to share another link on why food from China should be a concern:

" In 2009, 70 percent of the apple juice, 43 percent of the processed mushrooms, 22 percent of the frozen spinach and 78 percent of the tilapia Americans ate came from China."

"Melamine-tainted milk products sickened hundreds of thousands of infants in China, and melamine contamination is believed to be responsible for thousands of pet deaths in the United States. Melamine adulteration garnered the most headlines, but systemic food safety failures in China have allowed unsafe foods onto global grocery store shelves. The Wild West business environment in China encourages food manufacturers to cut costs and corners. Even Chinese officials have publicly acknowledged their inability to regulate the country’s sprawling food production sector."

Friday, May 4th 2012 at 8:53am


Dear Concerned Parent,

Thank you so much for posting again! I was really upset too when your comment disappeared yesterday. The cyber ghost ate it and I''m not sure why.

Thank you again for posting this very important update. We do not buy these and we will not buy these for our kids. I wish that Costco would stop carrying these.

Wednesday, June 19th 2013 at 9:41am

Concerned Parent

Here''s a better link to the video -

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Brothers-All-Natural is not doing the right thing. They have been selling EXPIRED Fruit Crisps, AND Apple Fruit Crisps that are RE-HYDRATED in the bag ("soggy"). Both of these purposeful actions by Brothers-All-Natural to increase their corporate profits, puts adults and kids alike in danger.

There''s a video showing this, and several articles appearing around the Net.

See the video here -

Thanks for sharing!

Friday, June 21st 2013 at 7:00am