What to drink in spring to beauty health - Health tips

What to drink in spring to beauty health - Health tips

What to drink in spring to beauty health - Health tips

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What to drink in spring to beauty health

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Depending on the season to pick the right beverage.Recommend the most suitable for the season''s drinks.What to drink in spring to beauty health.

Spring should drink scented tea, days in the spring, will feel sleepy, drink tea, to ease the weary. The spirit of good people. Use transparent glass, 3 grams scented tea, into the cup, brewed with boiling water, cover the lid, to prevent flavor loss.

Spring, thirsty, cough, constipation. Honey to moisturize the gut, nourishing the lung. Honey containing mainly glucose and fructose, there are many essential amino acids, protein, malic acid, vitamins and other ingredients. Thus, in the spring, honey is the best health drinks. Every morning and evening for a cup of honey water, laxative can prevent a cold, clear toxins from the body. Honey and jujube is a better match. 150g dates, 50g of sugar, 250ml honey, 350ml water.Red dates and rock sugar into pot, add water, fire boiling, heat and simmer, water disappears.Whisk in the pot stirring, stir into the cooked dates dates mud, cool, into clean glass bottles, then pour honey, stir with a spoon. Drink, take 2 teaspoons of honey jujube into the cup, then stir into the warm water can be.

Spring temperature changes, reduced immunity, susceptible to cold. Spring chicken soup, can improve immunity and prevent colds, high protein content, digestible, easily absorbed by the body, with enhanced strength, strong body effect. Chicken soup can effectively suppress the body''s inflammation and excessive mucus production, help reduce nasal congestion and throat pain and cough.

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Easy to make child allergic fruitMango contains a lot of fruit acid, amino acids, proteins and other irritating substances, there is no mature mangoes also contain glyoxylate, these allergenic substances often cause allergies.The child cannot eat which vegetables in the springSpring is the season of child development, but, some foods, cannot let the child eat, Otherwise it will cause food poisoning, and even life-threatening. Common has following several kind of foods.

How to remove tea scaleTea, tea cup easy to plot on the scale, difficult to clean, how doThe Best Foods You Can EatIf you want to live a healthy life, the process starts on your dinner plate. The best foods you can eat are the ones that are lower in fat and calories while also packed with essential vitamins and nutrients proven to help your body work properly and fight diseases. The following nutritional powerhouses can help improve your quality of life and should be at the top of your grocery list.Fruits and vegetables sugar contentThe fruits and vegetables of the appropriate choice is very important, choose right road, is good for health, unapt cause glucose leels.Anti-aging facial massage operationAfter 30 years of age, skin function will gradually decline, which would result in muscle relaxation, dull skin and other signs of aging.From now on, every day is necessary to focus on skin care lessons.Annual beauty of seasonal fruitStrawberry high nutritional value, rich in vitamin C, help digestion effect, strawberries can also strengthen gums, fresh breath, throat moist.The top five anti-aging vegetables make you younger and youngerFrom the beginning we are born every minute, every day. We all grew up, getting old. Aging, this is an irreversible natural phenomena. Therefore, anti always our constant theme. Anti-aging, not only the need for external maintenance, in nature, there are many fruits and vegetables have anti-aging effect.

What foods make you speed up the agingwater ware produce incrustation scale with a long time after, Not promptly cleaned, Regular consumption can cause digestive, nervous, urinary, blood and circulation system diseases caused by aging.Beauty skin women of different ages recipesDifferent ages have different priorities in need of care, of course, to take a different response. Diet is the basic skin care beauty. Take a look at different age skin care beauty recipes big recommendation.

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