What is the most effective training for the abdominal muscles?

What is the most effective training for the abdominal muscles?

Want a flat stomach and prominent abdominal muscles? Here are a few tips that will bring good results.

1. Use a weight (eg – dumbbells) in the execution of exercises for the abdomen. Whether the dumbbells, plates or something else, keeping the same would complicate the exercise, but do it more effectively. For lower abdominal exercises use weights for legs (eg, raising the legs in the supine position).

2. Use the Bosu ball or Pilates ball in training for abdomen. These pieces of equipment require balance and stability. This will increase the intensity and all the muscle fibers make the stomach work.

3. Focus on the movements of performing. Connection of mind and body is very important! Slow, steady and controlled movement is often more effective than a quick and incomplete, especially when it comes to training the abdominal muscles!

4. Use variations. 50 ordinary crunches that you (maybe) performed during high school, now will no longer be
sufficient. You need to constantly shock your body! Try different techniques and exercises.

5. Exhausted your abdominal muscles (although it sounds strange). A great way to do this is plain endurance lasting one or two minutes before your scheduled training troops.

6. Be concentrate on keeping a solid core while performing the exercise for another part of the body! For example, if you do push-ups or squats, do not forget to keep a solid core (ie. “Tight” belly).

7. Excellent idea to insert exercises with cardio element among a series of static exercises of power. For example, between the two series of the classic sit-ups insert two minutes of jumping jacks. Cardio exercise will further encourage the burning of fat from the waist and abdomen!

8. Watch out for meals. The most famous fitness proverb says abdominal muscles coming from the kitchen, not the gym.

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