Welcome to Fitness Pole Fanatics

Welcome to Fitness Pole Fanatics

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"Great fun and an amazing workout - I can’t wait for the next one!!

Fitness Pole dancing is Putting the fun back into fitness!

The new and exciting way to shape up, look good and feel great in a friendly supportive environment.

We welcome women of all different ages, shapes and sizes. Attendees we teachare in age from 18 to 48 with the average being about 30. Classes include a cardio workout, stretches, pole tricks, spins and a cool down.

Still unsure..? Contact me to see one of our one off classes to really see the fitness craze that is sweeping the nation. In six weeks you''ll be far fitter, will have learned loads of spins, tricks and will be able to climb the pole. You''ll have so much fun you''ll forget it''s a workout and wonder why it wasn''t in a gym sooner.

We do parties, private lessons, and also Personal Training. Private Lessons:

These lessons are tight in my home or in your home, some of us are shyer than others, or you just want to get ahead of every one.

Your home (in key west ) $80.00 pay 10 in advance $720)

If you live in the lower keys please contact us for a private lesson, there will be travel time ontop of the lesson fee

I also offer what I call just because, is a 3hr or 4 hr lesson where you learn a routine to perform for your partner and if you don’t have a pole I will rent you one for that special time

Pole rentai is $100 for the night a deposit of $200 is necessary and it will be refundable

if the pole is not damag d.

Why Pole Dancing? Pole Dancing is wonderful exercise ,working all of your muscles and your cardio while feeling sexy and empowered and having tons of fun. No wonder this dance has taken off across the globe.

Do I have to be physically fit for pole dancing?No, Pole dancing is for women of all body types! The weight limit on the poles is 200lbs. Classes are designed with the student in mind! And are tailored to the student strength, weight and flexibility.

Do I have to pre-register for class or can I just show up?Class size is small so yes you need to pre- register for any class.

What Do I Wear To for Class?Short shorts and tank top are great, because bare legs and arms are essential for the pole, however you can start your work out with yoga pants or any workout clothing, everyone starts out barefoot until they feel comfortable with the pole, and then we wear heels if that is what you prefer.

No Lotions or oils on hands, arms or legs. Sorry we need your skin clean and don’t want to make the pole slippery.

Is There Any Age Restriction?Yes, you must be 18 years of age to attend any of the classes

Contact us for more information or call call us for information 305-731-6898

All classes booked need to have a 50% deposit Pole Dancing classes are booked in advance.

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