Weekly Workout Pursuit of Healthy Happiness

Weekly Workout  Pursuit of Healthy Happiness

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This week I began nannying full-time. Let me tell you, it is a very welcome change. The babe is a sweet pea! Each day we go for a long walk and I spend a lot of time walking around the house with her. But while she’s sleeping, I sit…far too much. Especially considering that sitting is the new smoking.

We’re a culture that sits alllll dayyy longgg. We sit as we drive to work, when we get to work, driving home, and kick it on the couch once we make it back to our humble abodes. So with this in mind, I’ve designed this week’s workout to get you moving for a couple minutes.

Do it multiple times throughout the day to get your heinie off the seat. Or try repeating it a few times as part of your workout. How to properly perform: Plank Jacks Thread the Needle Around-the-World Side Plank Leg Lift Alternating Plank Crunch Plank on, friends!

Do you sit a lot throughout the day?

How do you make sure you’re moving throughout the day?

What’s your favorite plank variation?

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