Universities Differ On Med School Grad Results

Universities Differ On Med School Grad Results

A recent survey of American university graduates has revealed some startling information. Odd features such as average temperature during the school year, and quality standards of cafeteria food were cited in contributing to the high success rates of students from several medical schools in finding post graduate employment.


Students who had done their degrees at either the University of San Francisco, or the University of California-Irvine by and large have found post graduate employment within 2-3 months of graduation. Overwhelmingly, students questioned by media outlets complained of fluctuating hot and cold temperatures (common in the California region where typically days are warm but temperatures drop after bedtime). Additionally many male students blasted cafeteria food as “too spicy”.

What does this mean?

Apparently, the stress of Californian university life conditioned students there to work harder. Without even knowing it

Conversely, the students surveyed at the U of Chicago and U of Pittsburgh who had experienced constant freezing cold along with bland frozen microwave lunchables on a daily basis, tended to spend the first few months after graduating sleeping or consuming hot drinks.