Tips to Sustain Your Health Through the Winter

Tips to Sustain Your Health Through the Winter

As the holidays move quickly all around us, folks are frolicking alongside the jolliest rhythms of the season. Rushing here and there, gathering gifts for loved ones, cooking up fancy feasts, and making all sorts of holiday plans can be some of the happiest moments of the year. But when the holidays arrive and Old Man Winter brings the same old gifts of cold and damp, it is time to pull out all the stops for a healthier, happier holiday. Don''t let poor health get in the way of your good times. Take control with a few simple holiday health tips.

Wash, Hydrate and Gyrate

Get busy fending off pesky germs by washing hands and staying hydrated. Clean hands are truly one of man''s best weapons when it comes to warding off all kinds of annoying bugs and viruses. Drinking clean water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and getting plenty of exercise, are three party-packed ways to keep unwelcome germs at bay while keeping you moving and grooving to those happy, holiday tunes.

Ring in the New Ear

So you caught a cold; but you won''t have to miss your favorite holiday office party because you are one smart cookie who knows your cold remedies. Head straight to the drug store for a cheap bottle of hydrogen peroxide and you''re done! Adding a drop or two of hydrogen peroxide to each ear clears out nasty germs where bacteria enter and linger longer. Look who is the life of the party now!

Don''t Forget to Brush!

After all is said and done, there still is still one important element for staying healthier this season. Never fear, James R. Parsey, DDS is here! Family dental care in Avon can fix you up with a fresh and lively, germ-resistant mouth by providing the perfect holiday cleanings, check-ups, whitenings and more. Having healthy teeth and gums is the perfect healthy gift to give during this holiday season, especially with all that candy lying around.

The nature of this holiday season should be one of appreciation and new beginnings. Help yourself by helping others, and feel your body come alive with gratitude and good health. If we each make an offering to help one another stay healthier this season we will have helped the world become a better place, leaving us with happier and healthier moments to enjoy with each other. Cheers to your good health and happy holidays to all!

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