November 28, 2009

November 28, 2009

Dementia is a thief that robs elderly citizens of their ability to communicate effectively and carry out routine daily activities such as dressing, feeding, and bathing. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, but there are approximately 50 different disorders that can cause dementia including strokes, infections, and medication irregularities. There are many different behaviors manifested in Alzheimer’s patients ranging from forgetfulness to aggressiveness to inappropriate sexual conduct. While it is truly sad to see any person impacted in such a negative manner from a cognitive and physical standpoint, we must realize this disease also effects families and not just the individual. In most cases a family member cares for a loved one with Alzheimer’s at home with a minimal amount of support. Since the disease gets progressively worse as time goes on, the intensity of care also increases proportionately until keeping the person effected at home is no longer a realistic option.

Of all the ways to lower cholesterol currently available, a natural route is the best option, especially considering the side effects of statin drugs. With only 20% of cholesterol coming from your diet, it is essential to get the right nutrients proven to help as well.

Thinning hair is a problem that is common to men and women. Although it is more commonly seen in men, women suffer from baldness problems, too. There are many products for hair loss available. The choice of product to use may also depend on the cause of the baldness.

There are several causes of hair loss:

If you want to know how to clear your acne by attacking the root of the problem then this article is for you. If on the other hand you’re looking for quick and easy remedies that you can just concoct at home and throw onto your face for a few hours then this isn’t the right article for you. I’ve read a number of articles about “how to clear acne” and it’s incredible how so few of these articles tell you to look inside your body for the solution instead of preaching about a new lemon and psyllion husk mixture that will clear your acne in two days flat.

Topical Treatments are only good for some

The “throw at the wall and hope they stick” home remedy type treatments may temporarily alleviate some of the skin problems; in fact for mild acne sufferers it may even completely eradicate acne. However, those sort of treatments aren’t going to cut if for the population that have moderate to severe acne and who are fed up of all these little topical “cures” that actually just don’t work for them.

Today, people are faced with acne problems on a regular basis. Some even spend thousands of dollars each year just to buy commercially produced acne treatments that claim to provide the answer to your acne; many seem to fail in their promise. However, one of the most effective natural acne treatments available is inexpensive and is readily available in your home and that is fresh lemons.

During normal immune response against infection the human body significantly increases the level of lymphocytes and cytokine cells used to eliminate microorganism and toxins. This release in lymphocytes and cytokines is regulated by the body’s secretion of prostaglandins near the point of infection. These prostagladins monitor the severity of infection and causes the body to release fluids (inflammation) in an attempt to prevent the spread of the infection while sending electrical/chemical signals back to the immune regulators to call in phagocyte cells to destroy the infecting bodies. However, when virus like the swine flu infiltrates the human biology such viruses utilize the body’s enzymes and subsequently release proteins (viral expression) that interfere with the prostaglandin responses sending sporadic signal codes to the immune response centers. When this happens the human response system panics, like a blind man who is being jumped by four or five people. Like the blind man swinging wild at everything that moves about him the body’s response mechanism is to quickly recruit incredibly large numbers of neutrophils (phagocytes) that converts biological hydrogen peroxide to hydroxide ion radical and super oxygen anion radical two of the most powerful oxidizing agents known to eliminate the infections. This uncontrollable release of oxidizing agents by the human immune system not only kills the virus but also damage sensitive skin tissue and cells in the lungs, respiratory areas, and ultimately other organs. Unless this scenario is halted quickly the ultimate end is death of the human person.

Diabetes remains a serious and adverse health condition that needs to be treated effectively in order to reverse the negative impact that it can have on a person’s quality of life. That is why insulin injections become a regular part of the life of such a person. Yet, there are those that claim that natural methods have been successfully employed to deal with the condition of diabetes. For those curious about the potential treatments available to those seeking a natural method, here are some of the more commonly mentioned ones: