Migraine Cure – The Best Migraine Headache Cure

Migraine Cure – The Best Migraine Headache Cure

Does a migraine cure actually exist or are the experts right when they advise us there is not a definitive cure? Finding out the correct answer calls for us to take a look at a few things in a logical and well thought-out manner. Our first step will be to define the terms “cure” and “migraine.” Once we have come up with medical definitions for these terms we will be able to decide if a migraine treatment actually exists that might cure the problem once and for all.

If we look in a dictionary, whether online or in printed form, medical or standard, the term “migraine” is typically defined as a disorder marked by recurrent moderate to severe headache, most commonly one-sided, and frequently accompanied by nausea and vomiting. What causes migraine has not been proven, but dilation of the brain’s blood vessels classically occurs previous to the actual headache.

The second definition we need to know is “cure” and is a method of healing or restoring one’s health. To cure something is to restore an individual’s health or cause healing to occur by some form of therapeutic or other type of treatment. Along with restoring health, a cure is additionally attained in the case of a remission of symptoms and signs of a disease, particularly if the symptoms of the disease are absent for a long interval of time.

Now that we are familiar with these two terms we will be able to clarify what “migraine cure” actually means. If someone is to attain a migraine headache cure they must have headache pain that is recurring, moderate to severe in intensity, most commonly one-sided, and frequently accompanied by nausea and vomiting. When it has been verified that the type of headaches are indeed migraines they have to be cured, or at least have the symptoms of the illness disappear for an extended period of time.

If an individual’s health is causing migraine headaches, restoring their health to a point where they experience full migraine relief for a prolonged duration of time by way of a migraine headache treatment means they are cured of the migraine disorder. It shows us that the treatment for migraine will have resulted in the disappearance of any symptoms of the health disorder, or will have supplied full migraine headache relief, for a prolonged duration of time. Whenever this comes about, a migraine cure has been attained based on the definitions as listed above. All migraine treatments or migraine remedies that cause an individual’s migraine signs and symptoms to disappear for an extended duration of time proves to us that migraine cures do exist.

Let’s now check out a real life case to establish if a cure is really possible. There are a large number of things that cause a migraine attack. Several normal triggers are stress, caffeine, alcohol, and a number of others.

For our example let’s assume that a person develops a migraine headache each time they drink drinks containing caffeine such as coffee, soda pop, or high-energy drinks. If caffeine is triggering the migraine symptoms, then it makes sense that no longer ingesting caffeine will relieve the symptoms. And actually, this is exactly what occurs when caffeine is the cause of the symptoms.

If a person develops a migraine every time they consume caffeine, and then stop ingesting caffeine, if their symptoms disappear for a prolonged duration of time they have cured their migraine disorder in accordance with our established medical definitions as noted above.

In our instance we used caffeine as the cause of the pain symptoms or the condition, but truly there are a great number of causes. However, regardless of what causes a person to develop migraine headaches, if they employ some form of migraine treatment that brings about remission of pain symptoms for an extended duration of time, they have brought about a migraine cure.

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