Look Young and in Great Health Feel Young and in Good Health

Look Young and in Great Health  Feel Young and in Good Health

Feel Young and in Good Health

How to look and feel young and be in perfect health

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Look Young and in Great Health

No matter what your age, it is always important to be involved in some sort of exercise routine. Exercise has many benefits and can be lots of fun as well, if you wish to stay young and in good health.

Throughout all stages of your life, exercise can change but should always be incorporated into your life.  I myself have spent many years at the gym in the past, but when I think Do I need to do this until I am 80? to stay young and in good health it can be a bit depressing, for lets face it, do we really want to walk on a treadmill all our life I dont think so !!!

I think the gym is a great place to start especially in your 20s and 30s and can also be a good social activity.  At this stage of your life you can also incorporate such things as walking, jogging, yoga, weight training or learn a martial art.  I trained in the martial arts during my 20s and 30s and found this to be very rewarding.

When you reach your mid 30s you start to lose strength and muscle mass, so this is a great time to do some sort of strength training more so than aerobic activity.  Strength training keeps your muscle more metabolic active, which leads to fat burning, keeping you young and in good health.  Weight training can be as simple as purchasing a few hand  weights and a dvd and follow along at home.  A good 20-30 minute walk after work is also a great way to keep in shape.

When you reach your 40s strength training becomes more important again, especially if you are a woman, since you now start to experience hormonal changes and your bodys rate of calcium absorption decreases.  It is also important before the on-set of menopause that a good routine with free weights is established, as free weights are more efficient at working your core.

Exercise in your 50s can help prevent joint pain and help improve your cardiovasular health.  Heart and lung function declines with age, so it is now more important to have regular cardio sessions and light weight training.  At this stage of your life, swimming is a great exercise as it is a great exercise for cardio, as well as working on your muscles.  You can even stand in the swimming pool and do some light exercises, which will lessen the impact on your joints.  Compliment this with regular walks, some Pilates and maybe Yoga.

In your 60s and onward, make your exercise low impact and keep yourself flexible and mobile.  It is essential to keep your muscles and bones strong, which will take the pressure off your joints.  Regular stretching at this stage can also be very beneficial.  Try 2-3 light strength training sessions per week, as well as a few regular walks.  If you are retired, you can walk along beaches and in beautiful park, strength training can be a simple as using cans of soup to lift or some light hand weights.

I should also add at this point that to look young and have good fitness, diet is also important, but we will be looking more into diet in later blogs.

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Think about something you would really like to do and take it up as your form of lifetime activity.  My husband and I have bought ourselves kayaks and mountain bikes.  Do something that is pleasurable and something that wont bore you and turn into a chore.  We love taking our kayaks into the creeks and around the Bays, it is a great exercise and getting outdoors and away from it all.  We love our mountain bikes as well, when we get the urge we can just jump on our bikes and go for a ride, it is lots of fun.  I am over 50 and my husband is somewhere close behind and we love getting out there and enjoying life.

So dont make age an excuse you can be healthy and fit, young looking and attractive at any age.  So what are you waiting for do it today and stay young.

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How to feel young and in good health with skin brushing Part One (1)

Look Young and in Great Health

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Feel Young and in Good Health