How to Lose weight with the Lemon Detod Diet.

How to Lose weight with the Lemon Detod Diet.

Is There Really A Diet Pill That Works?

Is there really a diet pill that actually works? Well, yes, there are several weight loss pills that work. However, finding them can present a bit of a challenge. This article will help you consider a few things when searching for a weight loss pill.

Just like doing workouts, a diet pill works better when you are cooperating with it. What it means is that if you consume a well-nourished meal and do regular exercises, your weight loss pill will be so much more powerful.Visit to :

The best way to stay fit and slim is by eating well-balanced meals and exercising regularly. However, some people require a little more help. This is where a weight loss diet pill might be of help. Diet pills can enhance your weight loss.

You can get very confused with all the diet pills that abound. Listed below are several factors to think about if you want to find a weight loss pill for yourself.

Are They Natural Or Herbal Products?

Numerous diet pills are made of herbal and/or natural ingredients. A pill that is marked as “herbal” or “all natural” indicates that it is formed from natural elements such as plants, herbs, and minerals. Such natural weight loss pills that are tested scientifically don’t result in side effects, unlike chemically-based diet pills.

Outrageous Claims?

If the company that sells the diet pills gives outrageous claims, that should alert you that there might be something suspicious about their pills. Don’t let their fancy marketing fool you. Dismiss the hype and simply look at the facts.

Is There A Guarantee?

A diet pill maker that extends any kind of money-back guarantee normally indicates that they indeed are very sure their pills are effective. It is usually not recommended to purchase products from a manufacturer that does not extend that sort of guarantee. Additionally, don’t forget to get your money back if the pill didn’t work as advertised.

Ask Users And Get Reviews

A great method in determining if certain diet pills work or not is by asking people about their experiences or by reading reviews on the internet. Plenty of web sites allow users to relate their experiences. One such site that has many reviews of diets and diet pills is the


The slimming pill market has many differing genres of slimming pills available to either purchase or obtain via GP Appointment.

The main predicament that faces slimmers is whether to buy a slimming pill from the high street or try to obtain for a GP or doctor.

A majority of doctors are very unlikely to prescribe on your say so, you BMI has to be upwards of 30 to even be given consideration.

Doctor prescribed slimming pills are usually drugs and a world apart from natural or herbal and so the possible negative side effects have to also be understood.

Two of the pills most likely to be given by your doctor are fat blockers and appetite suppressants.

Well known products include Xenical, Reductil, Meridia and Acomplia. In all probability Xenical is the most commonly prescribed slimming drug by doctors who aggree with the use of drug for weight loss.

Xenical is fat blocker that can fat absorption from the food that you eat, the undigested fat then pass naturally through the body and leaves via bowel movements.

Xenical is not without negative side effects, some potentially harmfull, which is why is it of high importance to only use Xenical if prescribed legitimately by your GP or doctor.

On occassions it is posible to buy slimming drugs from internet sites that are based in Eastern Europe or countries that FDA ruling does not apply to but it is highly advised to resist the temptation as black market Xenical is plagued with fraudulent produce.

Slimming pills that do not require a prescription are free from chemical element and contain largely natural plant extracts. It is this type of slimming pill that is freely available to purchase from free enterprise.

The non prescription market has dozens if not hundreds of different brands each marketed to grab attention and play on the emotions of the customer.

The biggest difference between the two markets, apart from the chemical or herbal composition is that rules and regulations do not apply so strictly to the non prescription market.

Slimming pills via prescription come under the authority of the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and so have to follow rulings concerning how they are advertsised and what the manufacturers can put in their marketing material.

Non prescription products are not tied as heavily to the rules made the FDA and so manufacturers can exaggerate the efficacy of their slimming product and make unsubstantiated claims.

The herbal route offers fat binders, fat burners and supplements aimed at reducing hunger as well as other hybrid genres.

Consumer choice can be daunting with plenty of well marketed slimming products offering clinical trials and celebrity endorsements.

To avoid confusion and to remove the gamble of buying what could be an relatively useless weight loss product a simple checklist should be employed.

The fat burner is generally accepted as being the least effective of the diet pill genres so all fat burners can be effectively removed.

The most effective prescription slimming pills are either fat blocking or stopping products and appetite suppressants – it does make sense to base your choice around this genre


The Lemon Detox Diet has been getting huge traction in Australasia and the United States. Celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles have claimed that the Lemon Detox Diet has helped them lose weight. This caused a marketing frenzy and sales hit record levels. In fact in Australia and New Zealand, Lemon Detox supplies ran dry for a few months! Is a detox diet that does not encourage healthy eating and exercise really going to help you lose weight and keep it off?

The Lemon Detox Diet

The lemon detox diet works on the basis that its lemon drink helps the body rid itself of poisons and toxins from the foods that we eat and the toxic environment that we live in. Lemon Detox claim that these toxins lead to us feeling lethargic and tired. More over the body is less likely to lose weight if it is sluggish.

The lemon detox diet drink consists of the following ingredients

Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup

This forms the basis of the lemon detox diet. The Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup is a mixture of naitive South Asian and Canadian C grade maple syrup. The combination of the two ingredients are said to increase energy levels during the cleanse

Lemon Juice

Lemons are very high in vitamin C. Further, lemons have been used in ancient medicine for their strong medicinal benefits. Lemons also help reduce breakdown mucus in the body.

Cayenne Pepper

The lemon detox claim that Cayenne Pepper helps boost metabolic rate. They also say that it increases circulation to the body. It also helps break down mucus in the body.

Pure water

Water is probably the best detoxifier of them all! Water helps carry the ingredients through the body and remove the toxins.

How much does the lemon detox cost?

A 7 day trail to the Lemon Detox Diet is $89AU. A monthly purchase is $189AU. This includes the following:

250g Bee Healthy Bee Pollen

Lemon 32 pack

True Lime 32 pack

True Orange 32 pack

Lime 80g shaker (110 servings)

Where Can the Lemon Detox Diet be purchased?

The lemon detox diet is pushed strongly through their own website. The lemon detox diet can also be purchased from a selected group of Health food and organic food shops. A full list can be viewed on the lemon detox website.


While the Lemon Detox Diet has been very popular, the question should be raised as to whether the lemon detox diet is effective in promoting long term weight loss. While it will create short term weight loss by creating a large calorie deficit, the lemon detox will not create the behavioural shift that will lead to sustained weight loss. Furthermore, there is no empirical research to suggest that Madal Bal Syrup or Cayanne Pepper indeed increases metabolic rates.

The lemon detox diet will lead to fast weight loss. However, when the detox period is over and the dieter resumed their normal diet, then the weight will most likely go straight back on.


The FDA (Food and Drugs Aministration) made a bold step several months ago by approving a chemically produced slimming drug to be sold over the counter.

This is the first and only instance where this has happened and makes Alli quite unique. A prescription only slimming pill that can be purchased without the intervention or a GP or health care professional.

Alli, a lower strength, lower grade version of the fat blocker Orlistat was made available to the commercial market in the Unitesd Sates during 2007.

Orlistat is the active ingredient that is used in the widely prescribed slimming pill brand, Xenical.

Alli, made by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, contains 60mg of the active ingredient – whereas the full blown product (still reserved for the prescription only market) conatins double the dosage per capsule.

It could be argued that a diluted product (alli)would not have the same weight loss effect as its more potent sister product and that thereason for the success of the strongerXenical was the fact that is contained that specific (120mg) dosage of the active ingredient.

Initial reports and consumer feedback on the many weight loss and diet related forums on the internet suggest that Alli is working for the majority.

There is however, one major flaw in what is a very user friendly and easily marketedslimming product – a side effect that has been dubbed the Alli Oops.

A common negativeconsistant in many fat blockers is a side effects that can cause the sudden and embarrassing discharge of an orange liquid.

Fat blockers block or stop the absorption of a percentage of fat from food consumed. This undigested, unabsorbed fat has to leave the body somehow and the obvious route is via a bowel movement.

Alli users have complained of sudden bowel movements and the discharge of the this orange liquid that has forced many users to carry a change of underwear with them if they are traveling for long periods.

It could also be argued that the simple fact that this side effect (Alli Oops) exists is proof that the active ingredient is working.

The question is – just the end justify the means.

Is this embarrassing and unpleasant side effect too higher price to pay for the potential to reach a weight loss goal.

UK dieters will no doubt have a comment or two surrounding Alliwhen it becomes available to buy in the spring of 2009.

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