Faith vs. Medicine

Faith vs. Medicine

God loves doctors. Why anyone would consider visiting the doctor as a lack of faith still leaves me confused. Follow me…
1. God spoke through a donkey to provide direction. If God spoke through a donkey, than He can most definitly speak through a human who has studied medicine for 8 years of their life.

2. Jesus set the standard for healing the sick, and even Jesus appreciated doctors. Want proof? Jesus recruited Luke, a doctor, to be His disciple and travel with Him. If Jesus felt having a doctor on staff was a good idea, then it is a good idea for me too.
3. Prayer should produce proof. If you believe you have recieved a miracle then you should have no problem getting what you believe confirmed by a medical professional.

My prescription when evaluating the marraige between faith and medicine is to consult God first. Once you feel led by Him, then visit the doctor. Pray that God will give the doctor wisdom and speak through him to give you wise counsel. Hear what the doctor has to say with the understanding that no matter what the diagnosis is, we know the end result. Take the diagnosis back to God and ask for His wisdom as to what your next step should be. God may say to use the treatment prescribed by the doctor, and if He does I would suggest you listen. Take the medicine and pray over it. Ask God to use the medicine to help you and to speed up your recovery.

The fact may be that you are sick (physically, emotionally, mentally). But your faith says, "by the stripes of Jesus I am healed." Both are realities. However, your faith in the Word of God should be the higher reality. The facts cannot change your faith. But your faith can change the facts. Until you see the full evidence of your faith, continue to use the medicine, and know that this condition is only temporary. Healing is coming your way.