Kiyoseki Styler Review - Health Secrets and Reviews

Kiyoseki Styler Review -		 Health Secrets and Reviews

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Never before has there been a styling iron quite like the Kiyoseki Styler. It is actually three irons in one because it is able to straighten, curl and volumize all in a single pass while actually conditioning and repairing hair at the same time. The K-Styler has exclusive plates that are a bond of Kiyoseki from Japan and Tourmaline.

They are two minerals that release ions as they are heated. Those ions are absorbed into the hair shaft to actually repair and treat damaged cuticles. Unlike metal plates, the unique bonded mineral plates also distribute heat evenly for an even style that doesn’t require repeated passes. Your hair will be more manageable and you will get professional results right from your very own home.

The Kiyoseki Styler comes with Thermal Care Traveling Case, Kiyoseki 3 in 1 Styling Iron, Wide Styling Paddle Brush, 2 oz Crystal Fuse Conditioning Mist, 2 oz Crystal Shine Finishing Mist, Styles of the Starts Instruction DVD, 3 Styling Clips and the K-styler’s Styling Comb. Absolutely everything you need to produce those fabulous styles are included in the package and you even get the traveling case for those times you’re away from home.

This amazing product has been featured in virtually every trendy fashion magazine on the market and it is getting reviews that have surpassed any iron ever sold. You can only get the Kiyoseki Styler online but during the month of February the manufacturer is extending an introductory trial offer. Details are on the Kiyoseki Styler website.

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Posted on February 12th, 2010 in Beauty

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